Diamonds are the most valuable gem in the world. Precious and precious diamonds still have the best value. Let’s share the world’s most precious and valuable story with DIAANN. Let’s share a variety of useful information.


All-natural Diamonds Diamond Stone

All-natural Diamonds Diamond Stone Visually dazzling, mosaic diamond artworks that sparkle, shimmer and shine. Though diamonds themselves are not renewable, all tools, weapons, and armor produced from diamonds can be acquired through trading, and are hence renewable. A diamond is a rare mineral obtained from diamond ore or loot chests. For further info, see the […]

Diamond Definition, Properties, Color, Applications, & Information

Most gem-high quality diamonds come from depths of 150–250 km in the lithosphere. Such depths occur below cratons in mantle keels, the thickest component of the lithosphere. These regions have higher adequate pressure and temperature to allow diamonds to form and they are not convecting, so diamonds can be stored for billions of years until […]

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